Yay! It looks like summer is finally here! Finally time for some outdoor fun! And what's more fun than B-U-B-B-L-E-S ? Kids just love watching, blowing, chasing and popping bubbles! 

There are plenty of plastic fantastic bubble gadgets on the market, but why not try some tried and tested home made versions for equally cool results!? Here's a rundown of some of the bubbletastic ideas we've been collecting over on Pinterest...


Rainbow Bubbles | Fill up a paddling pool with water, add soap and watercolour paint. Let the kids mix it up and you will have a pool full of colourful bubbles. You can also get kids to 'paint the bubbles' by putting watercolour paint into spray bottles| Pinned from giftofcuriosity.com |


Homemade Bubble Blowers | Choose a selection of straws, cut them so that they are all the same length. Use sticky tape to hold them together at the top and the bottom and dip one end into the bubble mix. Blow from the undipped end. Loads of bubbles of different sizes will be blown out at the same time. | Pinned from theboyandme.co.uk | 


Bouncing Bubbles | Mix together drinking water, washing up liquid & glycerine and let sit for 24 hours. Then you will have wonderful bubbles that will last for ages, no matter how much they are poked or prodded! | Pinned from playathomemomllc.com | 


Bubbles on your legs | Cheerful and super soft; these leggings are perfect for every day wear and who wouldn't want to wear big, bubble-like dots on your legs! These colourful Ae-hem by Bien a Bien leggings are 100% cotton & unisex. | Pinned from ka-boomshop.co.uk/ | 



Giant Bubbles | Make up a bubble solution the night before then pour into a paddling pool. When you are ready to begin the fun get a child to stand in the middle of the pool, with a hula hoop already in the solution. Quickly lift the hoop over the child and they will be encased in a giant bubble.  | Pinned from onecharmingparty.com | 


For more inspiration check out our 'WE LOVE BUBBLES' Pinterest board 

Please share your favourite bubble activities with us too!