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There are around 1.1 billion girls in the world! Yeah! Rock on girls!

As you know we’re all for girl power and celebrating badass girls at KA-BOOM, being sort of gender equality warriors and all that.., but HANG ON A MINUTE, here is the thing; not every girl in the world is allowed, or able to express her views, not every girl is able to LIVE FREE from violence, ignorance and discrimination. Not every girl in the world has a fair chance to reach her full potential. Now that is (excuse my language) f***kd up(!), and that is basically what this post is about.

If that is too heavy for you then look away now, go and pour yourself a glass of Prosecco and watch Towie or whatevs, 'cause it’s gonna get heavier.


Listen, the if-I-shut-my-eyes-will-it-go-away-NO-it-won't-TRUTH is :

Some 41,000 girls are forced into illegal child marriage EVERY DAY! That is a violation of human rights that ROBS GIRLS OF THEIR CHILDHOOD.
Child brides are forced to drop out of school, have children before they’re ready and are often subjected to a life of violence and abuse.
An estimated 70,000 girls DIE IN LABOUR every year because their bodies aren't ready for childbirth.
In some countries daughters are considered a BURDEN, so they might even be given away or MURDERED when they are just infants.
Sorry, I told you this was heavy sh**t.


“Every girl, no matter where he is born, should be able to express her views, live free of violence and discrimination, and have a fair chance to reach her full potential”
Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director U.N. Women

In 2011 the United Nations (U.N.) declared the 11 October The International Day of The Girl Child, “A day to recognise girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world”.
The selected theme for 2016 is Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: What Counts for Girls and this year’s focus as such is (in addition to help girls have a safe, educated and healthy life) filling existing data gaps, to get a truer picture of how disadvantaged half of humanity really is.
Because basically it is easier to ignore a problem when there isn’t much evidence of how omnipresent it is or how deeply it affects people, and of course because in modern society we can’t improve or raise funds for what we can’t prove or measure…

“When we invest in girls’ health, safety, education and rights – in times of peace and crisis – we empower them to reach for their dreams and build better lives for themselves and their communities. “
United Nations

International Day of the Girl is an opportunity to reflect on how much, or little, progress girls have made and how far there still is to go before equality is achieved globally. I am afraid there is still some way to go, but we should not let that stop us.
Education and activism are denied many girls throughout the world, so let’s shout it from the rooftops for those who can’t and pledge your support to create a world that is better for the girls of tomorrow! GRL PWR! Girls rock! etc... Because, as Unicef puts it "When girls do better, we all do better". So, get it out there! Share! Donate! Roar! Educate! #kidswhomakenoise #kaboomkidsmakenoise


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60% of any full price purchases you make at KA-BOOM this week will be donated to the charity Plan UK’s Girls Fund, that’s a PROMISE.

You can also donate directly here : https://plan-uk.org/donate/donate-to-girls-fund
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