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We're intent on making the most of the current balmy days and as always we are keeping it cool, plus this time there's an added bonus of eco-awareness thrown in! We're well happy to be sharing this DIY tutorial, originally written for Eclectic Eccentricity, by the multi-talented Becky Hoh-HaleCheck it out: a Recycled Bottle Water Wall!

Our take on it is obviously kid orientated, but who doesn’t like mixing good, honest recycling and messing around with water when it’s pretty much desert weather out there? 

You will need:

  • Plastic bottles (milk and large drinks packaging are all good options)
  • Scissors 
  • Hammer
  • Nails 

Plus you might need a wooden/MDF board to use as a mount, unless you want create it on a fence or big tree, depending on what you've got in your garden (and whether you own or rent..)


STEP 1 | Layout and prep

Think about how you want to lay them out and cut off the side (which will actually be the 'top') enough to let the water in and to maneuvoure hammering the nails in, but try and keep as much of the bottles structure as you can.


STEP 2 | Hammer time! 

You'll need two or three nails in to keep each bottle in place. You can drill them if easier, but in our case a hammer and a four year old trying to help was plenty enough for increased anxiety levels! 


STEP 3 | Improvise

You can for example use one of the bottle cut offs to make a flat end surface to distribute the water more evenly as it comes out. 


STEP 4 | Test it out! 

Pour water in using a jug or another bottle! Does it work ok? Does it need some minor adjustments to make the water flow from bottle to bottle?


STEP 5 | Evaluate

Impressed? You can leave it at that for the kids, watching the water do it's thing can keep 'em amused for hours (minutes), but we decided to take it up a gear... which leads us to...


STEP 6 | Hose action! 

Stick the hose in the top bottle. We also decided to raise the panel higher. What do we do now?


STEP 7 | Get your swimgear on! 

Or maybe your birthday suit will suffice..? But don't forget the sunscreen!


STEP 5 | Get splashing!

Use it as a shower to cool off and collect the water in a bowl -  then you can use it as a foot bath or a mini paddling pool too!


STEP 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.. | Enjoy it! 

It doesn't end there though, there are plenty more possibilities... You could experiment using coloured water and channel it into different tracks? You could place the bottles higher up, or one bottle high up and use it as an outdoor shower or cooling station for adults too? What other uses could it have? How would you improve it? 

Thanks for sharing this awesome idea with us Becky! 

It's a definite winner, try it out guys!


What do you reckon? Will you try it? We would love to hear what you think. Comment below or you can email, post on Twitter or Facebook.

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  • CreativityDIYEcoFun daysGuest blogLearningSplashSummerTutorial

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