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We are crazy about Halloween!
There is just nothing like a fantastic Halloween party with creative costumes and devilishly ghoulish decorations, is there?
However, I have a sneaky suspicion that a lot of the time the adults are more into the whole monsters and ghouls thing (and dressing the kid up in amazing costumes..) than the kids themselves? So why not throw the little ones a Halloween party that is more cute than freaky, and just a little bit spooky, rather than scary? Here's our take on a low-key Halloween party...

What to wear? Such a good excuse for your mini rocker to wear our fab superstar leggings by Peach & Cream? There's stars, dots, stripes or an all-black leather look, all super cool and just spooky enough, we reckon! 

Team those funky leggings with a bright green or orange hoodie, batwings or your favourite witches hat!?

How to decorate? We hung up these cute foam ghost decorations and scattered fun stretchy spiders all over the place and covered the walls with our own, just spooky enough, drawings.

Our mini models are wearing our basic long-sleeve t-shirts in the pics.

Still too spooky? Get them in the mood to spook by listening to our favourite spooky track!

Visit our spooktastic Pinterest board to check out our favourite spooky pins for more Halloween inspiration! We are collecting treat, decorations, craft and costume ideas... What are your best ideas for a spooktacular Halloween? Tell us! 

Enjoy the spooky season!








  • KA- BOOM
  • HalloweenLeggingsMusicParty

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